CAB Mission Statement

The CAB consists of citizens selected from throughout Salt Lake County. They review problems, policies and issues as they affect the Office of the Sheriff including the Unified Police Department (UPD) and their member communities. The CAB then makes recommendations to the Sheriff and functions as a communications bridge between the Sheriff and the communities.

What Do They Do?

In addition to monthly Board meetings, members are assigned to each Division of the Office of the Sheriff and participate on internal boards and committees that develop policies and review operations. The CAB is distinguished from other citizen boards by acknowledging up front its role as an "advisory board" as opposed to a "review board". Generally, review boards may have direct authority to discipline, although most review boards only recommend discipline to the chief administrator who may approve, modify or reject recommendations. Furthermore, CAB may ask to look into any issue of the Office of the Sheriff and is involved as issues develop and decisions are made.

The CAB is an integral part of the Office of the Sheriff's initiatives on citizen involvement, community policing, openness and accessibility.

How Can You Benefit By Joining the CAB?

Would you like to make your community a better place to live? Have you wondered how you could help make your neighborhood safer? Can you offer diversity and insight to the CAB in its ability to make decisions that affect you community? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you should consider applying to join the CAB.

Applicants are reviewed by the CAB Recruitment Committee. The Committee interviews applicants and presents potential candidate applications to the Board. Recommendations are then made to the Sheriff for appointments of two- or three-year terms.

What Is Expected of CAB Members?

CAB members are required to attend monthly Board meetings, monthly training and assigned meetings. You will represent your community's concerns on the CAB and provide insight from the Office of the Sheriff to your community. You will associate with some of the County's finest citizens. Most of all, you will benefit as an individual from the knowledge gained from the Office of the Sheriff and the service rendered to your community.

What's on the Application?

We ask permission to do a background check for all applicants because CAB members may deal with sensitive or confidential law enforcement information.We ask all CAB members to commit to a minimum of 20 hours of training during the first six months. We ask all CAB members to commit to attending two meetings per month, and assist as needed for community events.

Who do I Contact to Participate?

If you want more information about CAB or are interested in obtaining an application form please contact Sherry Anderson, Executive Assistant at

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
Citizen's Advisory Board
Attn: Sherry Anderson
3365 South 900 West
South Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 385.468.9901