Unified Police Department is committed to hiring and retaining the highest quality law enforcement personnel. The Unified Police Department is a diverse group of employees and volunteers that are united in a common goal to provide the safety and welfare of the citizens of Salt Lake County. Explore your options to either become employed full-time as a career, or volunteer to make a difference in your community.


Police Officer Recruitment

Lateral, Entry-Level & LEO Certifiable Police Officers

The Unified Police Department is pleased to announce the continuous recruitment for Entry Level and Lateral Police Officers.

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Full Time - Asset Supply Coordinator

Serves as the Asset Property Coordinator for the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake. Establishes and monitors internal protective controls to safeguard all property in the custody of the Unified Police. Closes October 31, 2023

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Part Time Radio Technician

Part time employment under the direction of the Radio Shop Supervisor, oversees, plans and performs the installation, maintenance, mobile data computers, communications radio equipment and telephone equipment wiring, electronic communication equipment, radio modems, portable radios, mobile radios, VHF/UHF radio systems, mobile/cell phones, and other equipment‑associated with the technical and operational systems of the Organization. Installs and monitors Netmotion licenses for network connection on all MDT's. Audits licenses for correct licenses numbers. Interacts with other departments, consultants, and updates. Works with other county/UPD departments on radio system issues. Performs a variety of administrative work as well as technical duties. Maintains comprehensive records. This is a highly skilled position requiring technical and operational abilities and knowledge.

Provides essential connectivity and operational support for the UPD network Basic skills, knowledge, and experience are utilized to install hardware and software, to diagnose basic problems, and to affect corrective actions at times with the assistance of more experienced professionals. Closes November 30, 2023

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School Crossing Guards

Immediate Openings.

  • Training Provided
  • Work Part-Time
  • Nights, Weekends & Holidays Off
  • Earn $21.00 per crossing.

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Crossing Guard Application Information

Interested applicants must send an application to:

Crossing Guard Coordinator Jennie Peterson
Unified Police Department
Special Operations Division
3510 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

Application Document

Crossing Guard Application

Volunteer Opportunities

Mobile Crisis Response Team

These Mobile Crisis Response Team Members will respond to everything and anything that an officer or detective deems necessary. Including but not limited to domestic conflicts, rapes, suicides, child neglect, child abuse, assistance with death notifications, homicides and, if needed, transportation to a shelter, Christmas Box House or a safe place with family or friends.

To apply, download the Application in Microsoft Word format and email to CMClark@updsl.org

Office Advocate

Office advocates will assist the office staff in placing phone calls, setting appointments, providing information to victims such as court times and dates and notifying victims of upcoming Pre Trial Conferences' and trials. They will be responsible for putting together Bi-Lingual bereavement and domestic violence packets for the Mobile Crisis Team. The office advocate position is only staffed during office hours.

To apply for this volunteer position, please complete the following steps to complete the application process:

  1. Download the Volunteer Application Form "Click Here"
  2. Complete and save the downloaded Volunteer Application Form (please save with applicant last name in filename)
  3. Send the saved application form to CmClark@updsl.org

If you have questions contact Claudia Clark at 385.468.9520.

Volunteer Chaplains

Unified Police Department is seeking volunteer chaplains. A Volunteer Chaplain is called to assist the department. The Chaplain Core consists of religious ministers from churches throughout the Sale Lake County area. The Chaplain Core renders spiritual support and guidance in times of need for the community and the department. Follow link for more information.

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The Unified Police Department is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.