Seeking Volunteer Victim Advocates

Holladay Precinct Volunteer Victim Advocate

The Unified Police Department, Holladay Precinct, is currently seeking qualified individuals for our Volunteer Victim Advocate program. Holladay Precinct Volunteer Victim Advocates will work alongside our full time Victim Advocate, Community Leaders, and Police Officers. Volunteer Victim Advocates will assist victims of crime through community resources and support victims through the criminal justice process. The Victim Advocate program assists victims and their family members of crime relating to domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, sexual assault, robbery, stalking/harassment, assault, homicide, suicide, and other traumatic loss. This position requires exceptional interpersonal skills. The work schedule will primarily be callouts between 5pm-8am and will be on a set rotation.

Some of the Victim Advocate program services include:

• Referrals to community resources
• Information about the criminal justice system
• Provide financial assistance
• Accompaniment and support in court hearings
• Prevention work, including public presentations

Applicant qualifications:

• Positive attitude
• Above average computer skills
• Ability to prioritize
• Valid drivers license
• Must pass a background check
• Must be at least 21 years of age

This is a non-compensated position with no paid benefits. Selected volunteers will report to the Holladay Precinct Victim Advocate and will adhere to UPD policy and procedure. Interested applicants must send a resume and letter of interest to Lt. Tyler Ackerman via email:

If you have questions, please call 385-468-9922.

About the Holladay Precinct

UPD contracts with the City of Holladay to provide all of its police services. We take great pride in serving the residents of Holladay. The Sheriff's Office, and now the Unified Police Department (UPD), has provided law enforcement services to this community for more than 160 years, both as an unincorporated area and as an incorporated city since 1999. Holladay City officials and members of the Holladay Precinct enjoy an excellent working relationship.

The Holladay Precinct is located at Holladay City Hall. Chief of Police Services, Justin Hoyal, oversees the day-to-day operations. Our officers who serve the residents of Holladay have extensive law enforcement experience. The officers assigned to the Holladay Precinct are a highly trained and diverse group of dedicated professionals who have a wealth of experience and expertise. They are committed to solving crimes, improving traffic and pedestrian safety, and operating an engaged community oriented policing (COP) program.

Supervisors and officers assigned to the Holladay Precinct provide around-the-clock law enforcement services to the community. Uniformed patrol officers are the foundation of our public safety services. In order to augment and support our patrol function, we have several specialized units. Our detective unit conducts follow-up investigations on crimes such as; burglary, theft, fraud, and drug offenses. Our community oriented policing (COP) officers assist our detectives with investigations and act as liaisons with the community by managing neighborhood watch programs, spearheading community outreach initiatives, and directing crime prevention programs. We have officers assigned to our traffic unit who provide traffic enforcement and are dedicated to keeping pedestrians and the motoring public safe. Additionally, we have officers assigned to Olympus Junior High, Bonneville Junior High, and Olympus High School to provide for a safe environment conducive to learning.

Our depth is even greater with the support of the department’s specialized teams and units. These groups include: S.W.A.T.; K-9; Investigations Units; Crime Analysis; Collision, Analysis and Reconstruction; and Search and Rescue.

One of our priorities is to address quality of life issues that make Holladay City a great place to live. That’s why we focus on investigating crimes that involve drugs and alcohol, vandalism, graffiti, and burglaries. Our officers work pro-actively with residents, business owners, and schools to help reduce the number of crimes in our area, and in turn along the Wasatch Front. We want our residents to feel safe and know that when a crime occurs we have the resources to resolve the issue.

UPD Holladay Precinct and the City of Holladay are partnering in providing the best, most efficient, and cost effective police services to our citizens.

If you would like to know more about these programs, or if you have questions regarding police services in Holladay City, please contact any of our committed officers or staff.


The Unified Police Department Holladay Precinct (UPD) now offers citizens the option to report traffic concerns on-line. Simply fill-out a web-based form found below. If you’re not comfortable using the web-based form, call UPD at 801-743-7000 (non-emergency number) to report issues. If you would like a UPD officer to follow-up with you on your report, you may include your contact information on the form. The information submitted will be cataloged and analyzed to determine the appropriate action.

Here are a few examples of common traffic concerns:

  • Speeding
  • Stop Sign
  • Parking
  • General Traffic
  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Crosswalk
  • Speed Trailer

Report Traffic Concern

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Chief of Police Services
Justin Hoyal


About Holladay Precinct

UPD contracts with the City of Holladay to provide all of its police services. We take great pride in serving the residents of Holladay.