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If it is an emergency call 911. If it is an non-emergency call 801-840-4000

The Unified Police Department provides fingerprinting services to the public for a variety of reasons including such things as:

  • Employment requests
  • Applications for adoption
  • Concealed weapons permits
  • Expungements

The UPD cannot provide fingerprinting services for I.N.S. purposes. Those individuals can contact US Immigration for such services at 646.233.3836. Also, the UPD does not provide fingerprinting services for Utah Driving Privilege Cards. Please contact the Utah Department of Public Safety - Driver License Division at 801.965.4437.

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The Civil Division serves thousands of civil papers throughout Salt Lake County. State law requires the UPD to serve civil papers relating to judicial actions such as protective orders, judgments, garnishments, summons, writs, and subpoenas. A dangerous job, officers have been seriously injured while serving civil papers to unwilling litigants or suspects involved in domestic violence cases; therefore, we use only experienced, well-trained officers in this unit. In 2007 Civil Process Unit officers received 9,787 civil papers needing service.

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The Unified Police Department offers you the convenience of obtaining copies of incident and traffic reports by mail. The research and processing fee for this service is ten dollars ($10.00) for each incident or traffic report. Records requests are normally processed and mailed within ten (10) business days of request. Complete the Request for Records form according to the directions given on the form. On the "description of records sought" line of the Request for Records form, indicate the type of record you are interested in, the case number, and as much of the information listed below as possible:
  • Address of occurrence
  • Date of occurrence
  • Time of occurrence
  • Name of person(s) involved

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The Utah Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for expungement of records. Follow the link for more information.
Department of Public Safety - Expungement Information

Every law enforcement agency in Utah requires NPOST test results. Follow the link for more information about Unified Police Department Requirements
Unified Police Department - Employment FAQ's

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If you have witnessed or have concerns about the use or misuse of UPD funds, assets, equipment, supplies, etc, please visit our fraud reporting page at

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